Squish Coco Floating License Server Self-Activation

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The Squish Coco floating license server is responsible for hosting and delivering floating licenses to Squish Coco installations on other computers.

The license server is a central component. It is not meant to be set up on every computer on which Coco is supposed to be used.

The computer on which the central Coco floating license server is installed, must be reachable by all computers with Coco on them that should receive their license from this license server.

(The communication between license server and license client is via TCP, on the TCP port specified below. This may be relevant for configuring firewalls, etc. to allow this communication.)

Upon license purchase, the "license manager" of your company received on email with instructions for logging in at https://account.qt.io/ .

Installing the Coco Floating License Server

For installing the floating license server see Installation .

Getting the Machine ID

For getting the machine ID of your license server computer see Installation of a license server .

Self-Activating the Floating License Server

The "license manager" can self-activate the floating license server after login at https://account.qt.io/ :

Click on "My Licenses"...

...select one of the "Squish - Subscription" licenses.

Click on "License Details":

Enter "Machine Id" and desired TCP port number (default TCP port number is displayed):

Afterwards download the license configuration file...

...and proceed with Running the license server .

For installing the Squish Coco floating license server as a service see cocolicserver ‐ license server .