Installation of Coco under Windows without user interaction

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Running the installer from a script

The Squish Coco installer for Windows supports the following command line options:

runs the installer in silent mode.
runs the installer in silent mode and suppresses all popup dialogs.
specifies the installation directory.

For example, to install Squish Coco from a script, do:

SquishCocoSetup.exe /SD

To install Squish Coco from a script in the directory c:\Program Files\squishcoco, do:

SquishCocoSetup.exe /SD "/D=c:\Program Files\squishcoco"

Installation of a licence from the command line

Once Squish Coco installed, it is possible to activate a license from the command line with cocolic.

For example, to check whether valid node-locked license exists and fetch it if needed, one can use the following command (where KEY stands for the license key):

%SQUISHCOCO%\cocolic.exe --check || %SQUISHCOCO%\cocolic.exe --fetch-license-key=KEY

Or to activate a license server:

%SQUISHCOCO%\cocolic.exe --license-server=myserver.loc:49344

Installation of Toolchain support with the Build Environment Selector

The Build Environment Selector is a graphical tool to generate the support for Cygwin, MinGW, and for some embedded toolchains. It can also be used in a batch file to script an installation.

For example, to install Cygwin support, the following command can be used:

%SQUISHCOCO%\toolselector.exe --tool="CygWin -" --install --directory=c:\cygwin

The program then generates wrapper and configuration files for the Cygwin compilation programs. To uninstall them, the flag --install must be replaced with --uninstall:

%SQUISHCOCO%\toolselector.exe --tool="CygWin -" --uninstall --directory=c:\cygwin

The name of the toolchain (here "CygWin -") is the toolchain name listed when starting the Build Environment Selector (%SQUISHCOCO%\toolselector.exe) without any arguments.