First aid for Jenkins issues

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To help on Jenkins or Hudson issues there are log and result files which contain vital information required to get an overview about the Jenkins and job configuration.

Jenkins / Hudson stores its configuration and log files inside the Jenkins / Hudson home directory which is located at %USERPROFILE%\.jenkins or %USERPROFILE%\.hudson on Windows and at $HOME/.jenkins or $HOME/.hudson on Unix systems by default.

If these directories don't exist please check if the JENKINS_HOME / HUDSON_HOME environment variable has been set.

To help investigating Jenkins / Hudson issues please provide the following files and directories of the Jenkins / Hudson home directory:

File / directory Info
jobs/<your_job>/config.xml Squish build step job configuraiton.
jobs/<your_job>/builds/<your_latest_build>/log Console log of the build.
jobs/<your_job>/builds/<your_latest_build>/squishResults Logs of squishrunner, squishserver and result XML file. And latest Web Report. It is best to send the contents of this directory to us as a zipped file.
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