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The following important information will help you use our support efficiently, and ensure you receive the best possible response times and quality from our support team.

Please send ONE EMAIL to FOR EACH separate/unrelated QUESTION.

Because each question can start its own lengthy communication thread, we ask you divide separate or unrelated questions into individual emails. This helps to ensure we uniquely address each issue and avoid cross-topic confusion, delays or overlook items.

What WE need from YOU

Please include the following with each support request:

1. Short description: A short description of the steps required to reproduce the issue.

2. Subject with a short description: Place a short description of the problem in the subject line to clearly summarize and identify the issue.

3. Most important support information: Collecting Information for your Support Requests

What YOU need to know about Squish Email Support

Support tickets act as mailing lists

Each email sent to the results in either a new support ticket, or is associated with an existing support ticket.

Support tickets contain a unique ID and is included in the subject line along with the ticket topic.

Support tickets also contain a list of subscribed email addresses called the notification list. All email address on a ticket's notification list receive all emails sent to that ticket, resulting in each support ticket acting as a mailing list.

Please notify support if you wish to add or remove email addresses from particular support ticket.

Check for emails classified as spam

All emails from one specific support ticket have the ticket ID included in the subject line. For example, ticket #34253's subject line might read: [T34253] Help finding hidden object

It is very important you confirm such emails are not blocked by security software on your computer or in your network.

If in doubt, please check your email client's spam folder if you haven't received a response within 24 hours.

CC'ing others in your replies

If you CC (courtesy copy) someone in your replies to our support tickets who is also on the ticket's notification list, they will get the email twice, once CC'd from you and once from our support system.

This can be confusing. The best solution is to make sure that person is on the ticket's notification list and rely using our support system to include them in the email.

Unexpectedly sending emails to support tickets

Accidental Disclosures
Emails sent from our support system have normal names as their sender, such as "John Doe", but the actual sender email address will be from (e.g., "John Smith <>").

Some email clients do not show the actual sender email address, so an email sent from our support system may appear as if it came from someone on the notification list---such as one of your colleagues. When you reply to the email, it is sent to our support system, which sends it to everyone on the ticket notification list. This means that it is possible that you could accidentally send confidential information to someone for whom it wasn't intended (i.e., everyone on the ticket's notification list). We recommend you confrim the actual sender email address when communicating with one particular person only.

Colors not supported

Our support system does not support colors. Colors used to mark areas in your email are not visible in our system.

Uncommon file formats not supported

Please try to explain your problem within the body of the email.

If an attachment is required, please only send documents in common formats (Microsoft-only file formats may not be usable). Feel free to provide screenshot/image files, but avoid placing such files into any other documents. This helps ensure you receive the best response time from our support.

Large attachments not supported

Our support system may remove attachments larger than 2 MB. Please use the JPG, PNG or GIF formats when providing screenshots, and avoid the BMP format (often produces large files).

If you need to provide large files, email us, and we will provide a URL for upload.

Snapshot packages - Getting updated packages between releases

froglogic provides new snapshot packages of their products to many customers on a daily basis. This means each snapshot package carries the same version number as its predecessors. Because of this we need to know the detailed build information contained in your squish package.

Related information

A bit verbose, but still very useful, general guides to efficient, email based communication (universal, not just froglogic):

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