Limitations of testing with the Squish web proxy

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The following limitations only apply when testing Safari on iOS or standalone browsers - like Chrome or Firefox - on Android.

Squish for Web allows testing with browsers that are not directly supported by Squish.

However, this approach has a number of limitations which are listed below:

  • No support for testing native dialogs; this includes file upload fields.
  • Cannot use one proxy for multiple parallel test executions/recordings.
  • Does not work with popup blockers when using a manually-started browser/proxy; popup blockers need to be disabled in the browser prior to testing.
  • Cannot use Screenshot Verification points with remote browsers (iphone/ipad browser testing), this is due to the screenshot code being purely C++ code in the webhook.
  • Touch/gesture events are currently not recognized/recorded/replayable with Safari on iOS.
  • The HTTPS protocol is not supported.
  • Windows: Sometimes picking only works on the complete browser window and buttons; this can be fixed by renaming SQUISHDIR\bin\winhook.dll.
  • Browser shows a "session not correctly ended" dialog. This is due to the way we exit the browser; usually the browser has a setting to avoid the dialog.
  • Browser shows a progress indicator all the time. This is due to the way the internal communication with Squish/Web and the proxy works.
  • Cannot be used with websites loaded through localhost or, i.e. http://localhost/website.html. One has to use a separate computer or use the external IP address of the local computer. (Also, using the computer's host name may not work.)

Some of the limitations above may be possible to fix in the future if required by customers; for example, adding support for the HTTPS protocol or touch/gesture support.

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