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  • Article Hooking, Recording or Playback fails with Qt 5 on Linux or Unix due to gold linker usage Overview Hooking, recording or playback may fail when using Squish 5.1.4 or newer and Qt 5 on Linux/Unix if Qt was built with the socalled gold linker. The gold linker unfortunately breaks the Squish's hooking mechanism
  • Article Attaching to running Qt applications Table of Contents Setting up attaching to running applications Step 1 Register an attachable AUT Before you can … the application via Apple's instruments (included in Xcode). Android: Start the application via adb (included in Squish for Android and Android SDK). Qt on embedded
  • Article Getting the version of Qt libraries Overview Because of the Requirements of Squish for Qt Article Requirements of Squish for Qt it is important to find out which version of the Qt libraries are being used by the application that should be automated. (This information is required to choose the matching Squish
  • Automating Qt Jambi Application on Windows Table Of Contents Requirements For Qt Jambi Version Qt Jambi Default Qt Configuration Required Squish Package Configuration Additional Setup Steps? 4.5.201 (32bit, 64bit) Qt 4.5.x, without Qt3Support Squish for Qt, Qt 4.5.x, Pure Qt 4 Yes: Apply manifests to Squish package
  • Article Automating Qt applications started from nonQt Windows applications Table of Contents Overview It is possible to record and replay on Qt applications … for Qt and Squish for Windows. Prerequisites A Squish for Qt (not Squish for Windows) package. A Squish for Qt test suite (not a Squish for Windows test suite
  • Example Getting A Tooltip (Qt) Table of Contents How to use the Qt API via Squish to get a tooltip text It is easy to use the Qt API to access tooltips or other application object properties. Qt 4 and higher You can directly check an object's tooltip text (or any other property using the approach shown here
  • How to build and test Qt applications instrumented by PureCov Assuming that PureCov, Qt and Squish are installed on the system, here are step by step instructions on how to prepare, build, instrument and test a simple Qt application with Squish on Unix: 1. The example application we are going to use: include
  • Screenshots with custom (nonQt) rendering classes or OpenGL Overview The names of custom Qt classes which do their own nonQt based rendering (for example … . For the specified classes Squish will take the screenshot directly from the operating system instead of using Qt's QPixmap::grabWidget() function. Example
  • Example Getting header names from QTreeWidget (Qt) How to get a QTreeWidget's column names Here is an example you can run using the itemviews example. The QTreeWidget is in the lower rightmost section. To adapt this script for your own application, use the "picker" eyedropper to find out the object's symbolic name
  • Articles (Qt) This section contains articles about testing Qt applications with Squish.