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Page: Enabling verbose logging of the Squish IDE
track down certain problems (Squish IDE hangs or shows errors, for example) the verbose logging of the Squish IDE itself should be enabled and the resulting verbose logs be sent to Squish technical support. To enable the verbose Squish IDE logging open ...
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Page: How to debug an object not ready error (German)
Bei folgendem Fehler... Script Error Object ':First NameQLineEdit' not ready. ...auf einer Zeile ähnlich der Zeile 2 des folgenden Code Schnippsels... def main(): waitForObject(":First NameQLineEdit") ...bitte folgendes zur Analyse durchführen ...
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Page: How to enable Java log files and diagnose issues
Check the Runner/Server Log Check the Runner/Server Log; most errors can be detected by looking at the java command. Only Standard GUIs are Supported Is the application using AWT/Swing or SWT? Squish does not support any other Java ...
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Page: How to get a debugger or backtrace without VisualStudio (Windows)
Table Of Contents Overview 1. First install the {{WinDbg}} tool. This can be downloaded from 2. Then configure {{WinDbg}} to be the "Just in Time Debugger". To do this, run the following from the command prompt (console ...
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