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Page: Article - Checking whether an application is 32-bit or 64-bit
Table of Contents Overview Squish binary packages are provided for both 32bit and 64bit platforms. (The number of bits is called the word size.) You must pick a Squish package that matches the word size for which your application was compiled. In case of Squish ...
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Page: Error message "Loading Qt Wrapper failed", "The specified procedure could not be found." (Qt)
Table of Contents Symptoms The Qt 4 binary edition is linked against a Qt 4 binary edition from The Qt Company, or against a Qt 4 source build with the standard Qt configuration. If a Qt 4 library is used in which certain ...
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Page: How to enable Java log files and diagnose issues
Check the Runner/Server Log Check the Runner/Server Log; most errors can be detected by looking at the java command. Only Standard GUIs are Supported Is the application using AWT/Swing or SWT? Squish does not support any other Java ...
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Page: How to get a backtrace on Unix with the bash or tcsh shell
Table of Contents How to get a Unix backtrace for a crashed application in a shell Step #1 Set your allowed core dump size to an unlimited value (you can check this  with {{ulimit \a}}). In {{bash}}: ulimit c unlimited In {{tcsh ...
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Page: Microsoft Windows terminology and tidbits
Note that this article does not have any Squishspecific content, but has some information that may be useful for debugging. Compiler Versions MSVC numbering and naming scheme MSVC Number Name MSVC8 Visual Studio 2005 MSVC9 Visual Studio 2008 ...
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