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Page: Error Message "Cannot connect to VM"
When using Eclipse as the AUT and trying to start the Java debugger it is possible that an error occurs which results in a dialog like this popping up: 'Launching myapp' has encountered a problem. Cannot connect to VM socket closed OK The console ...
Other labels: jdk_alternate_vm, debugger, java, eclipse, error, vm
Page: Example - Automating native macOS file dialogs with nativeType()
Introduction Currently, Squish cannot hook into the native macOS file dialogs. Nonetheless, it is still possible to automate interaction with these dialogs using the nativeType() function. Example: def main(): # ... # the file dialog gets ...
Other labels: mac, nativetype
Page: Why does my file dialog filter fail in Squish only?
Problem A filter set in a file dialog is working fine on Windows if the application is run standalone but does not work if run as an AUT in Squish. Solution Squish disables native file dialogs (see Why do my Windows file dialogs ...
Other labels: qt, open_file, file_dialog, windows, native
Page: Why does my Mac toolbar look different in Squish? (Qt)
Mac toolbars and dialogs may look different for AUTs executed by Squish Symptoms For Qt applications running on a Mac, it sometimes occurs that their toolbar appears in one place when run normally, and in a different place when run by Squish. A similar problem ...
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