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Page: Article - Automatically update screenshot verification points
possible to force Squish to update all the screenshots used in screenshot verification points by setting the environment variable {{SQUISHLEARNSCREENSHOTS}} to {{1}}. For example, on Windows do the following: set SQUISHLEARNSCREENSHOTS=1 C:\Users\MyUser\squish4.xqt47xwin32msvc10\ide\squishide.exe Then execute all ...
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Page: Article - Specifying environment variables for your application
How to specify environment variables for your application You can specify environment variables that should be set on startup for your application. The below will only specify variables for your application, not for your test script or for Squish ...
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Page: How to use environment variables inside Hudson paths
Hudson, is it possible to reference environment variables inside a path to a test suite when configuring a Squish step? Yes, it is. Use the following as a suite path: $ /suitemytest
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Page: Problem - Screenshots taken by Squish are black or look broken
Please see: Screenshots with custom (nonQt) rendering classes or OpenGL Automation on Windows
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Page: Testing Against Mutiple JDKs
Basics A configured Squish installation can only work with one selected JRE. In order to test applications with different Java versions, you must install multiple versions of Squish, each in its own directory. Then,before running any of these Squishs ...
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