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Page: Basic Scripting in Squish (if else condition)
Verifying and Reporting using an if else condition Below is an example that shows a simple {{if}} {{else}} statement, and also two of Squish's test functions ({{test.pass()}} and {{}} ...
Other labels: if_then, test_vp, script, loop, if_else
Page: Example - Getting A Tooltip (Qt)
Table of Contents How to use the Qt API via Squish to get a tooltip text It is easy to use the Qt API to access tooltips or other application object properties. Qt 4 and higher You can directly check an object's ...
Other labels: qt, tooltip, python, script
Page: Example - Getting header names from QTreeWidget (Qt)
How to get a QTreeWidget's column names Here is an example you can run using the {{itemviews}} example. The QTreeWidget is in the lower rightmost section. To adapt this script for your own application, use the "picker" eyedropper to find out the object's symbolic ...
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