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Page: How to build and test Qt applications instrumented by PureCov
Assuming that PureCov, Qt and Squish are installed on the system, here are step by step instructions on how to prepare, build, instrument and test a simple Qt application with Squish on Unix: 1. The example application we are going to use: #include <qwidget.h> #include <qapplication.h ...
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Page: How to use environment variables inside Hudson paths
Hudson, is it possible to reference environment variables inside a path to a test suite when configuring a Squish step? Yes, it is. Use the following as a suite path: $ /suitemytest
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Page: HP Quality Center starts application but receives startApplication() failed error
When triggering Squish Test Case from HP Quality Center, the application starts, but receives a {{startApplication() failed}} error Error RuntimeError: startApplication() failed Reason The Squish Platform Wrapper must be specified in QC Test Lab > Execution Grid ...
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Page: Is Ant supported?
Ant support Yes, Ant is supported via a plugin. For more information, please see Ant Integration
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Page: Is CruiseControl supported?
CruiseControl support Yes, CruiseControl is supported via a plugin. For more information, please see CruiseControl integration
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Page: Is it possible to run a Hudson job on a slave machine?
possible to run a Hudson job that runs Squish tests on a machine registered as a Hudson "slave"? Yes, this feature was introduced with Squish Hudson plugin version 2.0.
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