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Page: Article - Automating applications with both the Web and Java editions
Table of Contents Introduction Squish for Web allows to automate Java applications as well (provided your Squish license includes Java). This article explains the necessary steps to automate a Java application with Squish for Web. Java Applets If you have a Java ...
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Page: Article - Automating multiple applications with multiple Squish installations or editions (Qt, Web)
information below describes the setup for Squish for Qt and Squish for Web, but the instructions are not limited to these Squish editions, but apply to all/most editions of Squish. Table Of Contents Overview Using multiple Squish editions in a single test script is possible and this article describes ...
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Page: Article - Automating Qt applications started from non-Qt Windows applications
Table of Contents Overview It is possible to record and replay on Qt applications which get started by Windows applications. (The Windows applications also get automated in this scenario.) Please note that this requires licenses for Squish for Qt and Squish for Windows. Prerequisites A Squish for Qt ...
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Page: Testing Against Mutiple JDKs
Basics A configured Squish installation can only work with one selected JRE. In order to test applications with different Java versions, you must install multiple versions of Squish, each in its own directory. Then,before running any of these Squishs ...
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