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Page: Article - Explicitly Naming Objects
Table of Contents Why Should I Explicitly Name Objects? Squish identifies application objects by their most stable properties to make tests as robust and reliable as possible. However, as an application is developed and maintained, existing widgets get moved around ...
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Page: Article - How Squish looks up Real Names from Symbolic Names
Table of Contents Real Names Real names always start and end with a curly brace, for example "{{\{type='CMainWindow' visible='1' windowTitle='xyz'\}}}". Real names contain the type and any number of properties and their values of the object that they are meant to identify; so ...
Other labels: symbolic, names, realname
Page: Article - How to use object.exists to check an item
You are looking for a way to check if an object exists The {{waitForObject()}} and {{waitForObjectItem()}} functions return references to particular objects. However, sometimes we only need to know whether an object exists and don't need to refer to it even if it does. For this purpose ...
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Page: Article - Picking and inspecting objects
Table of Contents Overview Squish allows you to "pick" GUI objects of the currently running application. Once picked the following can be done with the object: Inspect the properties Insert the methods Create verification points for property values (property verification points ...
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Page: Dealing with "Object '....' not found" script errors
Table of Contents Symptoms Synchronization functions like waitForObject() or action functions like mouseClick() error out with a script error like this: Object '<name>' not found. Here, <name> is the argument passed to the function. The error may seem to occur randomly or it might ...
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Page: Example - Identifying HTML objects via DOM paths (Web)
Overview Objects in HTML pages can also be identified using their DOM paths. For example DOCUMENT.HTML1.BODY1.FORM1.TABLE1.TBODY1.TR2.TD1.TABLE1.TBODY1.TR1.TD1.TABL E1.TBODY1.TR2.TD1.TABLE1 Getting an Object's DOM path To get a DOM path for an object one of the following methods can be used. Method 1: Launch ...
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Page: How can I print child nodes of a drop down element?
How can I access child nodes? Possible problem: You have extra NODE elements. It is worth noting that the resulting children of HTML elements vary in Squish, depending on the browser used. We directly mirror the DOM from the browser's ...
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Page: How to debug an object not ready error (German)
Bei folgendem Fehler... Script Error Object ':First NameQLineEdit' not ready. ...auf einer Zeile ähnlich der Zeile 2 des folgenden Code Schnippsels... def main(): waitForObject(":First NameQLineEdit") ...bitte folgendes zur Analyse durchführen ...
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Page: Picking additional properties for that 'Hard to Find' object
See blog entry Squish tip of the week: Picking additional properties for that 'Hard to Find' object tiesforthathardtofindobject/ keywords: pick, spy, object map
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Page: Sharing an Object Map across test suites
information in this article apply to the text based object map (typically in the file "" in the test suite folder). For sharing script based object maps please see Shared and Split ScriptBased Object Maps ...
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