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Page: Leverage the improved IDE integration of the Script-Based Object Map
name suggests the ScriptBased Object Map is much more tightly coupled to the scripting languages than the old TextBased Object Map. During development of the ScriptBased Object Map we spent a lot of time on improving the user experience when writing ...
Other labels: scripting, python, ide, javascript, perl, tcl, ruby, auto-completion
Page: Sharing an Object Map across test suites
information in this article apply to the text based object map (typically in the file "" in the test suite folder). For sharing script based object maps please see Shared and Split ScriptBased Object Maps ...
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Page: What does the Application Objects tab show?
Application Objects view is visible in the Spy and Debug perspectives. The Application Objects view shows a tree view of all the AUT objects that Squish knew about at the time the view was first populated—for example, at the time Squish stopped at a breakpoint and switched to the Spy ...
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