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Page: Accessing Databases From Perl Test Scripts
Windows The "perl" folder in Squish binary packages for Windows contains a minimal Perl installation which lacks PPM (Perl Package Manager) for downloading and installing new modules, as well as modules for accessing database (DBI, specific DBD modules, etc ...
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Page: Functions stop working after a Perl "use Shell" statement
Symptom If you put this Perl statement in your test scripts it will cause problems. use Shell; Any calls to Squish functions such as {{waitForObject()}} that follow this statement will cause script errors such as: Can't exec waitForObject: No such file or directory Explanation By default the Perl ...
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Page: How do I get the application path?
get the path to the application in a test script the most technically accurate approach is to invoke {{squishrunner}} with the {{\\info}} {{applications}} parameters and to parse the resulting output to find the path relevant to the application. Here are some examples: With {{squishrunner}} and {{squishserver}} running on the same computer: squishrunner ...
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Page: How to replace Perl in Squish binary packages (Microsoft Windows)
Perl interpreter shipped with Squish binary packages is a stripped down version that lacks the Perl PPM ("Programmer's Package Manager") tool this makes it difficult to install additional Perl modules. To work around this the {{SQUISHDIR/perl}} directory can be replaced with a full ...
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Page: Leverage the improved IDE integration of the Script-Based Object Map
name suggests the ScriptBased Object Map is much more tightly coupled to the scripting languages than the old TextBased Object Map. During development of the ScriptBased Object Map we spent a lot of time on improving the user experience when writing ...
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