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Page: Article - How Squish looks up Real Names from Symbolic Names
Table of Contents Real Names Real names always start and end with a curly brace, for example "{{\{type='CMainWindow' visible='1' windowTitle='xyz'\}}}". Real names contain the type and any number of properties and their values of the object that they are meant to identify; so ...
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Page: What are object names?
most GUI toolkits, Squish identifies AUT objects by their properties. But rather than using all of an object's properties, Squish uses just those that are likely to be stable. For example, Squish won't normally use an object's x, y ...
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Page: What does the Application Objects tab show?
Application Objects view is visible in the Spy and Debug perspectives. The Application Objects view shows a tree view of all the AUT objects that Squish knew about at the time the view was first populated—for example, at the time Squish stopped at a breakpoint and switched to the Spy ...
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