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Page: Article - Automatically update screenshot verification points
possible to force Squish to update all the screenshots used in screenshot verification points by setting the environment variable {{SQUISHLEARNSCREENSHOTS}} to {{1}}. For example, on Windows do the following: set SQUISHLEARNSCREENSHOTS=1 C:\Users\MyUser\squish4.xqt47xwin32msvc10\ide\squishide.exe Then execute all ...
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Page: Problem - Screenshots taken by Squish are black or look broken
Please see: Screenshots with custom (nonQt) rendering classes or OpenGL Automation on Windows
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Page: What is an XPM file?
I get {{.xpm}} files from screenshot testing. What kind of file are these and how can I view them? An {{.xpm}} file is an XWindows PixMap file. This file format describes the image in a form that can be read by C ...
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