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Page: Cross-compilation fails with "g++ not found"
Symptom A crosscompilation build from sources runs into the problem during the configure run with the following error: Using Source directory: /home/user/squish6.0.0qtembeddedsrc Using Build directory: /home/user/Squish/squish6.0.0qtembeddedsrc Using g compiler for bootstrapping Compiling configure and build ...
Other labels: compile, error
Page: Cross-compiler with --sys-root switch "not found"
Symptom A crosscompilation build from sources runs fails when the {{XCXX}} crosscompiler variable contains a sysroot argument: $ ./build sh: 1: aarch64gnulinuxg sysroot=/home/user/sdk/sysroots/aarch64gnulinux: not found Aborting build. Last command exited with status ...
Other labels: error, compile
Page: Error message "... cannot restore segment prot after reloc Permission denied"
Symptom You may get the following error message in a shell when starting Squish IDE in it: APC Denial cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied Squishrunner exits with status code 127. Solutions On some ...
Other labels: selinux, redhat, cannot_restore_segment, apc_denial, linux, libsquishinterpreter, delete, error