Sharing an Object Map across test suites

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The information in this article apply to the text based object map (typically in the file "" in the test suite folder).

For sharing script based object maps please see Shared and Split Script-Based Object Maps.

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It can sometimes be useful to have two or more test suites share the same Object Map. By default, test suites store their Object Map in the file which is kept in the same directory as the test suite's suite.conf file which holds the test suite's settings. However, you can change the file that the test suite uses, either through the Squish IDE or by directly editing the suite.conf file.

Sharing an Object Map using the Squish IDE's Settings

Click the Test Suites view's Test Suite Settings toolbar button to make the Test Suite Settings view visible. Scroll down until you can see the Object Map section.

Replace the with the name of the Object Map file you want to use (including its full path).

It may prove worthwhile to create an environment variable that holds the shared path (as the screenshot above illustrates).

Another alternative is to create a symbolic link to the shared file in the folder of every test suite that you want to use it. (Note that on Windows symbolic links are only supported by NTFS file systems.)

Sharing an Object Map by Editing the suite.conf File

Every test suite has a suite.conf file which stores suite-specific global settings. Each setting appears on its own line and has the format key=value. By default test suites use the file that is in the same directory as the suite.conf file, but this can be overridden by modifying the OBJECTMAP entry. For example, the default entry should look like this:

If the shared file should be C:\MyApp\Testing\, change this as follows:

Change this entry in every test suite's suite.conf file that you want to share the same Object Map.

Merging Object Maps

The following solution is only meant for users who need to merge object map files again and again in their test scripts.

If you want to merge two object map files only once, for example to share the resulting, combined object map file in two test suites, please use a text editor to combine the contents of the object files, not the script code below.




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