Article - Converting a Real Name to a "full" Real Name

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The Squish IDE offers to copy the real name of objects from the object map editor or the Application Objects view. However, these real names typically contain references to other objects. These references in turn are symbolic names as well.

This means that if you want to have a real name that does not contain any symbolic names anymore, you have to manually perform the transformation, replacing the symbolic names via copy and paste, which is a tiresome and error prone task.

Here is a little function that can do the transformation for you:




The following workflow might be easiest:

  • Put the above function in your source code (or load it from a shared script via source().
  • Set a breakpoint and execute to it.
  • Pick the desired object and copy the real name.
  • In the Squish Script Console (to show the console go to Window | Show View... | Other... | General | Console) call the above function with the real name.

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