Article - Adding full support for "Windows" controls to Squish for Java, Qt, Web, etc.

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The instructions in this article below are not needed for most users of hybrid applications. Squish versions 6.3 and above of Squish/Qt, Squish/Web, Squish/Java and Squish/Tk builds on Windows already include most of the necessary Windows Toolkit support, and can be used as long as the user's Squish license includes the Windows toolkit. In most cases, no multiple-toolkit build is needed, no copying files from Squish for Windows into your install of Squish/Qt either. If your application uses a rare combination of toolkits and the standard builds do not work, contact support for further assistance.


Squish binary packages (Squish for Java, Squish for Qt, Squish for Web, etc.) on Windows contain some parts of the functionality of Squish for Windows for recognizing MFC, Windows Forms, WPF, etc. GUI controls.

The "missing" parts of this support however may cause Windows Forms and WPF GUI controls to be recognized as being of type "WindowsControl" only.

The following steps only apply to Squish binary packages provided by froglogic. They may not work with Squish packages that you compiled yourself.

Adding full support for Windows Forms and WPF controls

To add full support for Windows Forms and WPF controls do the following (with a recent Squish package, to ensure that all other relevant files for this exist):

Step 1 - Make sure you have a license that includes the "Windows Toolkit"

Step 2 - Download and unpack a "Squish for Windows" package.

Step 3 - Copy the following files from the downloaded Squish for Windows package to your existing Squish package (into the same folders there, of course):

  • bin\enumprocessmodules32.exe
  • bin\enumprocessmodules64.exe
  • bin\injectdll32.exe
  • bin\injectdll64.exe
  • bin\msvcr100.dll
  • bin\msvcp71.dll
  • bin\msvcp100.dll
  • bin\msvcr71.dll
  • bin\squishautinstrumentationloader32.dll
  • bin\squishcomsupporthook32.dll
  • bin\squishdialoghook32.dll
  • bin\squishdialoghook64.dll
  • bin\squishgritapisupporthook32.dll
  • bin\squishvb6labelsupporthook32.dll
  • lib\extensions\win
    * (all files in this folder!)
  • lib\extensions\win\.NET3
    * (all files in this folder!)
  • lib\extensions\win\.NET4
    * (all files in this folder!)
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