What is the highest Android OS version supported by my Squish package?

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Squish packages support Android OS version 2.2 and above. The information below helps you confirm your Squish package supports the Android OS version running on your device or emulator.

Determine the latest Android OS version supported by your Squish package

  1. Locate your Squish package version

    1. Name of original zip archive contains version

    2. \buildinfo.txt also contains version

    3. Example: squish-5.0.2-android-maci386

  2. Go to https://doc.froglogic.com/

  3. Select Squish (all editions)

  4. Expand Release Notes—for Upgraders

  5. Select the corresponding version number for your Squish package

  6. Locate Android-specific

Result: The section lists the latest Android version supported by your Squish package

Determine the Android Device, or Android Emulator (currently running) OS version

Result: The Android version displays in the system list.