Automating Flex applications with Squish

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At this point, Squish can only automate Flex controls running in Web pages - Adobe AIR applications are not supported yet.

If you find that a Flex control in your web page is not recognized as it should, here are a few steps to check that your Squish setup is configured correctly:

  1. You need to have a recent Squish for Web 4.3 package.

  2. You need a license key which enables both Web testing as well as Flex; if in doubt, please contact

  3. You need to use a "Web" test suite. If you're unsure what "Toolkit" your test suite uses, have a look at the "Test Suite Settings" page: the "Toolkit" field should say "Web".

  4. You need to have the Adobe Flash debug player plugin installed for the browser(s) using which you plan to execute your tests. For instance, if you plan to use Internet Explorer, you need to have the Internet Explorer plugin installed. The steps for installing the correct plugin are described in the manual in the section "Installation for Flex applets in web pages".

To verify that you have the plugin installed correctly, point your browser to Flash Player Help / Find version

The entry "Debug Player" needs to say "Yes".