What does the Application Objects tab show?

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The Application Objects view is visible in the Spy and Debug perspectives.

The Application Objects view shows a tree view of all the AUT objects that Squish knew about at the time the view was first populated—for example, at the time Squish stopped at a breakpoint and switched to the Spy perspective.

Further interaction with the AUT can cause the Application Objects view to become out of date, for example, if a new dialog appears or an AUT window is closed. The view can be updated at any time by clicking its Refresh toolbar button.

The view has a right-click context menu that can be used to add particular objects to Squish's Object Map, and also to copy an object's symbolic name to the clipboard ready to be pasted into a test. (If you plan to copy and paste an object's name it is best to first copy the object to the Object Map so that Squish will remember it.)

The Properties view shows the properties of the currently selected item in the Application Objects view. Squish identifies AUT objects by their properties.

See the Application Objects view , the Properties view , and the Object Map .