Configurable timeouts

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Squish contains several timeout settings that apply to starting and running the application:

Maximum Startup Time (s):

Maximum Response Time (s):

Maximum Post-mortem Wait Time (ms):

Configuring timeouts from the IDE

If your application normally requires at least 60 seconds to start up you need to inform Squish so that it will wait long enough. Select Edit > Server Settings > Application Behavior. The Server Settings window appears with Application Behavior selected.

Update the Maximum Startup Time (s) setting to the duration your AUT typically requires, plus approximately an extra 30 seconds to allow for temporary additional demand on the computer. For example, for an AUT that typically requires 60 seconds to start up "90" (seconds) should be specified.

Configuring timeouts from the command line

Alternately, you can configure the timeout duration from the command line via squishrunner.

To set the Maximum Startup Time to 60 seconds (default: 20 (seconds):

squishrunner --config setAUTTimeout 60
In cmd.exe or a shell

To set the Maximum Response Time to 600 seconds (default: 300 (seconds)):

squishrunner --config setResponseTimeout 600
In cmd.exe or a shell

To set the Maximum Post-mortem Time to 2000 milliseconds (default: 1500 (milliseconds)):

squishrunner --config setAUTPostMortemTimeout 2000
In cmd.exe or a shell

Also see Configuring squishrunner .