Configure IDE for remote squish server

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In some cases it is desireable to have the IDE use a remote squish server to start the application, for example for debugging purposes or to test out an execution on another machine.

Since Squish 7.1 the IDE can keep multiple configurations for servers stored.

For this you first need to open the Preferences via

'Edit > Preferences'

on the toolbar of the IDE

On the Dialog click on 'Add' and on the dropdown on 'Remote server'

This opens a new dialog to fill in the information for the server. The Name for the Server is the identifier which will be shown in the first column. The Hostname or IPv4 address of the machine where the squish server is running and the Port it is listening on also need to be filled in. After that you can close the dialog.

As the last step, select the entry in the list and click on 'Set as Default' to have the IDE use this squish server for starting AUT's instead of the internal one. If this server is exited or becomes otherwise unavailable the IDE will be unable to get AUT information from it and will tell you that.