Disable Object not found Debugging

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Sometimes you will want to catch LookupErrors where the exact reason that the control in question is not present is irrelevant. For example if you have a Popup that may or may not show up at a certain point in the automation of the application.

In this case the dialog that is shown for 'Object not found'-debugging can be hindering because it stops the test execution.

There is a simple way to disable this dialog, by setting testSettings.objectNotFoundDebugging to the equivalent of false for the respective script language.

In Python a neat way to deactivate this is using function decorators. For this you define the function that works as decorator

def NoObjectLookupDebug(function):
    def inner(*args, **kwargs):
        objectNotFoundDebugging_backup = squish.testSettings.objectNotFoundDebugging
        squish.testSettings.objectNotFoundDebugging = False
            return function(*args, **kwargs)
            squish.testSettings.objectNotFoundDebugging = objectNotFoundDebugging_backup
    return inner

This function can be either defined in the test module itself or imported from a global module. Then you define the function with the object lookup like this

def functionWithoutObjectDebugging():
        waitForObject(names.application_popup, 5)
    except LookupError:

The decorator wraps the function during its execution and restores testSettings.objectNotFoundDebugging to its previous value after the function was executed.