How do I get the application path?

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To get the path to the application in a test script the most technically accurate approach is to invoke squishrunner with the --info applications parameters and to parse the resulting output to find the path relevant to the application. Here are some examples:

With squishrunner and squishserver running on the same computer:

squishrunner --info applications

With squishrunner and squishserver running on different computers:

squishrunner --host someHost --port 9338 --info applications

This command produces lines that have the following format:


Each field is tab-separated (indicated with →). The italicized words stand for the actual values. The word mapped might be path depending on how the application was registered with Squish.

Here is an actual example of one such line:

shapes	C:\squish\examples\qt4\shapes	mapped

It should be easy to identify the line that refers to the application and extract the application's path from it using your scripting language's standard string handling facilities.

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