IMPORTANT - Check object map for large number of object names

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Some facts about the object map:

Checking the number of entries in the object map

When checking the number of entries of the object map (by default in the file TEST_SUITE_DIR/shared/names.*) the following questions may be helpful to consider:

Question #1:

If you have a large number of object names in the object map (possibly hundreds or thousands), are your test scripts interacting with approximately that number of different GUI objects? Does your application have thousands of different GUI objects?

Note 1.1: "Different GUI Objects"

The "same" window object but with (slightly) different window title should typically not have more than one object name.

This avoids the object name duplication described in IMPORTANT - Adjust object names for objects with changeable texts early .

Note 1.2: Object names for container items, cells, nodes

Objects in list, tree or table, etc. containers, such as items, notes, cells, etc. should only get their own symbolic names when there is a handful of them to interact with.

(When interacting with hundreds or thousands of them, consider letting your script generate Real Names at script runtime to look up these objects instead. (Loosely related: How Squish looks up Real Names from Symbolic Names )

Question #2:

Is there any redundancy in the object names?


Here is an example of a very simple, yet relatively "expensive" redundancy (full duplication of object names):

Here is a script you can run on your object map to clean things up after you have adjusted your object names to be general enough.