Specifying environment variables for your application

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How to specify environment variables for your application

You can specify environment variables that should be set on start-up for your application.


In the IDE, under the "Test Management" perspective, in the "Test Suites" view, click on the "Test Suite Settings" icon. Then scroll to the section labeled "Environment". You can enter variables there, and they will be stored in the test suite as described below.

Command line

Create a plain text file which contains any number of VARIABLE=VALUE pairs, with one pair per line. Then add an entry ENVVARS= to the suite.conf file ( is the name of the file that contains the pairs).

You can enter your variables in the IDE using the above method, and this file will be set up for you automatically.

Note that you are only specifying variables for your application, not for your test script or for Squish.

Batch file/Shell script

You can start your application from a batch file or shell script that sets all of your environment variables. Then set the batch file or shell script as a "Application" in the test suite settings to launch the application via this batch file or shell script.

Squish documentation on AUT variables

Different types of environment variables in Squish.

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