Manually installing Squish Web Browser Extensions

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Mozilla Firefox

To manually install the Mozilla Firefox (version 56+) extension you can drag & drop the file…


…into Firefox started with the Squish profile (see below).

Starting Mozilla Firefox with the Squish profile

Unix (in a shell):

firefox -no-remote -profile "$HOME/.squish/squish_firefox_profile_dir"

Windows (in the dialog opened via Win+R):

firefox -no-remote -profile "%appdata%\froglogic\Squish\squish_firefox_profile_dir"

Google Chrome

To manually install the Google Chrome extension you can download and extract the folder…


…in the file…

…into the folder…


Starting Google Chrome with the Squish user data directory:

Unix (in a shell):

google-chrome "--user-data-dir=$HOME/.squish/squish_chrome_data_dir"

Windows (in the dialog opened via Win+R):

chrome "--user-data-dir=%appdata%\froglogic\Squish\squish_chrome_data_dir"