Manually installing Squish Web Browser Extensions

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Mozilla Firefox

To manually install the Mozilla Firefox (version 56+) extension you can drag & drop the file...


...into Firefox started with the Squish profile (see below).

Starting Mozilla Firefox with the Squish profile

Unix (in a shell):

firefox -no-remote -profile "$HOME/.squish/squish_firefox_profile_dir"

Windows (in the dialog opened via Win+R):

firefox -no-remote -profile "%appdata%\froglogic\Squish\squish_firefox_profile_dir"

Google Chrome

To manually install the froglogic Squish Chrome extension, do the following on a computer with internet access:

  1. Download the froglogic Squish Chrome extension at this URL with a different web browser, not Google Chrome:

  2. Copy the downloaded Squish Chrome extension file (extension_*.crx) to the target computer.

The next steps need to be performed on the computer where the extension should be installed:

  1. Remove the folder squish_chrome_data_dir from (Unix) $HOME/.squish or (Windows) %appdata%\froglogic\Squish.

  2. Launch the Squish IDE and go to Edit > Server Settings... > Browser, in Active Browser select Google Chrome, and in Additional Configuration click the button Install.

  3. In the Google Chrome instance opened by Squish open the menu item More tools > Extensions, click on Developer mode.

  4. Drag the Squish Chrome extension file (extension_*.crx) onto the middle of the Extensions tab in Google Chrome, but don't drop it there, yet. While holding it there, the tab's content should be grayed out and the text Drop to install should appear. (If this is not the case, close Google Chrome and start over with the instructions.) At this point, drop the file onto it, accept the installation of the extension.

  5. Uncheck the Developer mode checkbox.

  6. Close Google Chrome.

At this point the extension should be installed and usable by Squish for this user on this computer.

Starting Google Chrome with the Squish user data directory

This can be helpful to analyze problems or change the configuration of the Squish Google Chrome profile, by launching Google Chrome with this particular, separate profile.

Unix (in a shell):

google-chrome "--user-data-dir=$HOME/.squish/squish_chrome_data_dir"

Windows (in the dialog opened via Win+R):

chrome "--user-data-dir=%appdata%\froglogic\Squish\squish_chrome_data_dir"