Manually setting up Squish for Qt

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Basic Setup

To manually set up Squish for Qt, that is, without running setup (or setup.exe on Windows), do the following:

Step 1 - Create a file called .squish-3-license in the home directory of the user (typically "%USERPROFILE% on Windows, and $HOME on Unix) and insert the Squish license key into it.

Step 2 - Remove the file <SQUISH_DIR>/bin/.not_configured.

Step 3 - Create the Squish license file (Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.squish-3-license, Unix: $HOME/.squish-3-license) and write the Squish license key into it (for example with a text editor).

Path to AUT Qt libraries (optional)

The exact path to the Qt libraries in can be specified in <SQUISH_DIR>/etc/squish.ini by adding the entry UserQtLibDirectory to the existing contents, for example:

UserQtLibDirectory = "C:\\Program Files\\My AUT"

(Note the mandatory, duplicate backslashes, which must be used on Windows.)

With this entry Squish defaults to the setting "Path determined by OS" in the setup program, which means that Squish will try to detect which Qt library is being used by the AUT at runtime.

Configuring squishserver

Configuring squishrunner