"Failed to write out license key file into directory ... please make sure that this directory is writeable."

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When trying to finish Squish's setup program the following dialog appears:

Writing Failed

The configuration could not be saved!

Failed to write out license key file into directory 'X:'; please make sure that this directory is writable.

[Retry] [Abort]

More information

Squish looks for and tries to write the license key file .squish-3-license in the following paths in the specified order:

  1. Path in environment variable SQUISH_LICENSEKEY_DIR, if set.

  2. Path from combining environment variables HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH (Windows only), if both are set.

  3. Path in environment variable HOME, if set.

  4. Path in environment variable USERPROFILE (Windows only), if set.

Note that the same license key file is used for Squish 3 and for Squish 4.

Possible solutions

Put the license file where Squish will automatically look for it

The easiest solution is to copy the .squish-3-license file to one of the directories that Squish automatically searches.

Use the SQUISH_LICENSEKEY_DIR environment variable

Another solution is to copy the .squish-3-license file to a directory on your local hard disk and set the SQUISH_LICENSEKEY_DIR environment variable to the name of that directory. Then make sure that the environment variable is always set before Squish runs.

Check environment variables and access to the drive

If neither of the above appear to work, check the environment variables to see whether they have the directories you expect them to. On Windows, check also whether the drive (e.g., X:) is disconnected or an inaccessible network drive. If possible put the license file on the machine's local disk.

Log off and back on again

This may restore access to the drive where Squish wants to write the license file.

Further causes

Incompatible file servers

Slightly incompatible SMB (Samba) file servers may also cause this problem.