"Resolving symbol '' failed"

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Customers have reported the following error to show up in the squishserver log when executing a test with a self-build installation:

Preload (.....): Resolving symbol '' failed: ..../libQtGui.so.4: undefined symbol:

Consequently, hooking into the application and record & replay of scripts will fail.

Possible Cause and Suggested Solution

The attempt to resolve a symbol without a name points to a configure script detection failure.

Check the content of the generated config.h file. Does it have an entry like this?


Depending on your platform, Qt edition and version the empty name can be invalid. Please provide information about your platform to technical support in order to determine possible causes and a fix for this detection failure.

One possible workaround for Qt/Embedded 4 (or Qtopia) builds compiled with gcc (not applicable to other other combinations): change the pre-processor directive to read

#define QAPPLICATION_FILTER "_ZN12QApplication14qwsEventFilterEP8QWSEvent"

and re-run ./build to get a working libsquishqtpre.so module.