Squish IDE asks for enabling Accessibility on each start

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Customers have reported that the 'Enable Accessibility access' dialog is being shown on each start of the Squish IDE or that the corresponding warning for lack of Accessibility access starts showing up during the work with Squish in the test report. This may happen even though an entry for the Squish IDE exists in the Accessibility preference dialog.

Consequently, replaying menu interactions as well as using nativeType() or nativeMouseClick() fails.

Possible Cause and Suggested Solution

In many cases the issue is triggered because the Squish IDE being originally registered is not considered 'the same' anymore by macOS to the one currently running. A common case is installing a new Squish package and using the IDE from that package. Our experiments suggest that even renaming or moving the installation or otherwise modifying the Squish IDE application can cause macOS to consider the entry not valid for the IDE anymore.

At the same time it appears macOS is not always updating the entry in the database when using a different Squish IDE itself. It can be necessary to manually remove all Squish-related entries or reset the database completely.

For more details see the Universal Access tip in our documentation .