Squish issues after upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks

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After upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9), scripts no longer execute

Your Runner/Server log may contain a warning message similar to the following:

Accessibility API is not enabled Some functions of Squish require the accessibility API. Please open the System Preferences and check the box “Enable access for assistive devices” in the Universal Access Preferences.

Mavericks modified the “Enable access for assistive devices” from being a universal setting, to a per-service or application setting. The location of the setting also moved.

To resolve the problem:

  1. Close the Squish IDE

  2. Locate your Squish package and re-run setup

  3. Upon reaching the installer’s Configuration Review section, the following accessibility support message appears, prompting you to enable access for assistive devices:

  4. Click Yes

*As the Accessibility settings are now divided into two different locations, the launched Accessibility setting location is no longer applicable.

  1. Click Show All

  2. Select Security & Privacy

  3. Click the lock icon in the bottom left of the window

  4. When prompted, enter your user name and password and click Unlock

  5. Select Accessibility

  6. Locate and check any Squish-related items in the Allow the apps below to control your computer list

Examples of Squish and Squish-edition specific items which may appear include:

1.  setup

1.  squishide

1.  _squishrunner

1.  _webhook _(Squish for Web edition)_

1.  _androidobserver _(Squish for Android edition)_

1.  iOS Simulator _(Squish for iOS edition, after using iOS Simulator)_

1.  _webhook _(Squish for Web edition)_
  1. Return to the Squish installer

  2. Click Next, and then Finish