Using Squish Eclipse integration with Subclipse and other Version Control Systems

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Importing Squish test suites into an SVN repository does not work because the Squish test suites are set up as linked folders in the Eclipse workspace. This in turn is not supported by Subclipse.


What seems to work though are the following steps:

Now the Squish Test Suites view should still show the suite but use the folder inside the project and that one can now be added to Subversion via Subclipse.

You only need to do this once for the test suite. In other workspaces you can then simply checkout the project from Subversion and the Squish Test Suite view will see the imported project and test suite.

Squish Test Suites are created as Linked Folders inside an Eclipse project because users should be able to create Test Suites anywhere on their disk, the workspace-concept that Eclipse enforces shouldn't 'shine through' in the case of using the Squish IDE or Squish Eclipse Integration.

This rules out creating test suites directly in the workspace, so some linked resource is necessary.

Linking the complete project would also avoid the issue, but would again mean letting the Eclipse-based nature of the IDE shine through, since Eclipse generates special hidden files inside the project directory.

Hence it was decided that a sub-folder of the project is being linked to the filesystem location where the suite should be created.