Different ways of setting Squish installation path

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With Squish plug-in for Jenkins there are multiple ways to configure Jenkins to point where Squish is installed.

Squish Installations

The first step you need to do is adding Squish installations in the Global Tool Configuration .

Squish Installation

Once the installations are defined you can easily select one of them as a Squish Package in the Squish step configuration.

Squish Job Configuration

Providing Paths

Hardcoded Paths

For each Squish installation you can provide a hardcoded path. This path will be used whenever the installation is selected in the Squish step configuration.

Dynamic Paths

In order to have full flexibility we don't have to pre-set the fixed Squish installation path in Jenkins Global Tool Configuration and use an environment variable for that purpose. With this solution we can set Squish location per Job, per Agent or even dynamically set during Job execution taking advantage of environment variables handling in Jenkins. Of course any environment variable name can be used.

Manage Jenkins -> Configure Systems -> Squish section
Squish Installation with Dynamic Path
Squish Job Configuration with Dynamic Path