Capturing a video recording of executed tests in TeamCity

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TeamCity integration documentation describes that all reports are stored in the Artifacts tab, including Results XML files, HTML Reports, and screenshots Squish took in case of FAIL or ERROR. Video recording files are also presented there. This article demonstrates how to make Squish capture a video recording of test execution and how to access the result of video-capturing.


Required versions for this setup to work:

    Squish: 7.0 and higher
    Squish TeamCity plugin: 2.8 and higher


  1. Go to Build Configuration of your project
  2. Edit Squish Runner build step
  3. In extra options put '--enable-video-capture'
    Extra options
  4. Run project build
  5. Go to build artifacts


Squish Report tab is added to a Build Page


For each test case, there will be a ‘*_capture.mp4’ file with a recording of the test case execution. You can click on the file to open it in your browser.