Recording and replaying on iOS Apps on iOS devices

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Setting up attaching to iOS Apps on a device

Step 1: Instrument the App

This is explained at Notes on Testing iOS Apps in an iPhone or iPad in the Squish manual.

Step 2: Register an Attachable AUT

Before you can attach to a running instance of your application, the application has to be registered as an "Attachable AUT".

In the Squish IDE:

Open Edit > Server Settings > Manage AUTs... > Attachable AUTs to register an "Attachable AUT", for example with the name "MyApplicationAttachable", with the IP address (to see the IP address start the Settings app, select Wi-Fi and tap the blue arrow of the current Wi-Fi network) of the iOS device and the port number configured in your app when instrumenting it.

In command line:

"path/to/squishserver" --config addAttachableAUT MyApplicationAttachable ios_device_ip_address:app_port
In a shell

(Replace "path/to", "ios_device_ip_address" and "app_port" accordingly.)

Recording a test case on an iOS App on a device

The resulting script should look similar to this (Python example):

def main():

Recording a snippet for an iOS App on a device

This is useful to insert script snippets into an existing script.

The recorded snippet should have been inserted before the line with the breakpoint now.

Replay a test case with an iOS App on a device