Squish for iOS unexpectedly recording on parent objects

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GUI objects can contain other GUI objects. For example a window can contain buttons. When recording a click on these buttons, the expected behavior is that Squish generates object names for these buttons, and that it uses these object names in the recorded script commands.

However, there are cases where it is not easy to decide on a technical level which object should be recorded on, even though the case seems absolutely obvious to the user. As a result (regarding aforementioned example) Squish might record a mouse click on the window object instead.

In Squish for iOS there are a number of such cases, too, where Squish does not drill down into all types of GUI objects to find the deepest/lowest (actually the "most suitable") GUI object when recording.

We plan to improve this over time but first have to analyze typical use cases and make a bunch of technical decisions before we can proceed.