Troubleshooting Attaching To iOS Devices

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Troubleshooting Attaching To iOS Devices


You want to do iOS device testing and you already did all the necessary modifications described in the documentation. But when you try to attach to the application, it does not work.

Basic Requirements

Testing an iOS app with Squish on the device has the following requirements:

Verify That Squish's Built-In Hook Is Active In The AUT

When modifying the app for Squish testing you might have missed a step. If your modifications were successful, you should see the message

Listening on port <number> for incoming connections

during app startup. If you don't see it, you missed at least one of the necessary steps and you need to check them again. Make sure that you rebuilt your app in the proper build configuration.

Verify Network Connectivity Between iOS Device and Computer

There must be a working network connection between the iOS device and the computer running Squish.

Verify That The Computer Can Connect To The AUT (Built-In Hook)

If you checked all of the above and Squish is still not working, please open on your Mac (located in /Applications/Utilities) and execute the netcat utility as follows:

nc <device IP or hostname> <port>`

Make sure to replace <device IP> with the IP address of the device and <port> with the port number that is part of the "Listeing on port ..." message.

You may see different results: