Bringing window to foreground (Java, SWT)

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In general:

def main()
    o = waitForObject({"type": "org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell", "visible": "true"})

Also see:

Additional settings for Linux

On Linux you may have to configure the following:

(German: "Fensterverhalten", "Fensterverhalten", "Aktivierung", "Vorbeugung gegen unerwünschte Aktivierung".)

Look for the setting "Focus stealing prevention level" and set it to None.

Additional settings for Windows

On Windows you might have to configure the ForegroundLockTimeout ( google ForegroundLockTimeout ) setting.

It is possible that the value does not exist. In that case it must be added.

To disable this mechanism, which interferes with application/window activation, the value of the ForegroundLockTimeout entry must be set to 0.

Changing this entry requires to log out (alternatively a reboot) to take effect.

Bring Window to Foreground in Java AWT Swing