Enabling the Windows fallback wrapper (Java)

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Configuring recording on Windows controls

The Windows wrapper (available only on the Windows platform and only with a license key that includes Squish for Windows as well) must be explicitly enabled in Squish for Java packages.

To enable recording on Windows controls the respective controls must be "whitelisted". This is done by adding their "class" names the file <SQUISH_DIR>/etc/winwrapper.ini.

To whitelist specific controls that Squish should be recording on their "class" names must be looked up (see Looking up Windows control class names ) and then be added to the Whitelist entry in <SQUISH_DIR>/etc/winwrapper.ini.

For example, to add a control with class name "Edit":

[Windows Wrapper]

Configuration outside of Squish package folder

Instead of the modifying <SQUISH_DIR>/etc/winwrapper.ini it is also possible to configure an environment variable called SQUISH_WRAPPER_CONFIG and to assign to it the path to a UTF-8 encoded text file that contains the required entries. For example (the file name can be chosen freely):

[Windows Wrapper]