How to get text from a FormText object (SWT)

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Some classes, such as FormText (org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets.FormText), may not provide a direct way to retrieve the text that they are displaying.

For verifying what such classes are displaying, one solution is to use screenshot verification points.

In some cases however, it is possible to rely on a class’ private implementation details. (Of course, such private details may vary across Java versions, so are not ideal.) In the case of the FormText class, there is a private member called model which itself has a member variable called accessibletext, and this contains the displayed text.

However, because the model member is a private member, Squish cannot access it directly. Fortunately, this can be worked around by using Java’s reflection API.

Here is an example that demonstrates how to do it:

def main():

    # Get reference to the FormText instance that we are interested in:
    formText = waitForObject({'isvisible':True, 'type':'org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets.FormText'})
    text = get_FormText_text(formText)
    test.log("Text: {}".format(text))

def get_FormText_text(formText):
    # Here is the claim that FormText has a private member "model":
    # So, we must retrieve this private member by using Java's
    # reflection API as described here:
    field = formText.getClass().getDeclaredField("model")
    model = field.get(formText)
    # Inspecting this model object in the debugger it looks like it
    # already has a public member "accessibletext" that contains the
    # text being displayed, so we will return that:
    return model.accessibletext