Getting Object Screen Position, Location, Coordinates (SWT)

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The absolute screen position of an object can be useful to know, for example, to use with the nativeMouseClick() function.

import names
def main():
    # ...

    widget = waitForObject(names.QLineEdit)
    pos = get_swt_screen_pos(widget)

def get_swt_screen_pos(widget, xOffset=0, yOffset=0):
    # widget could actually be a Squish wrapper object,
    # so check if there is an item property with
    # a non-null value, and if so use that instead
    if hasattr(widget, "item") and not isNull(widget.item):
        widget = widget.item.parent
        bounds = widget.item.bounds
        xOffset += bounds.x
        yOffset += bounds.y
    # Handle TreeItem, which does not have toDisplay();
    # calculate based on JTree with offset based on
    # TreeItem bounds:
    if not hasattr(widget, "toDisplay"):
        bounds = widget.bounds
        xOffset += bounds.x
        yOffset += bounds.y
        widget = widget.parent
    return widget.toDisplay(xOffset, yOffset)