Hooking up Eclipse-based sub-processes

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When a Java application starts an Eclipse-based sub-process automatic hook up of the sub-process typically does not work (due to the design of Eclipse).

However, with some additional setup steps automatic hook up of Eclipse-based sub-processes can still be achieved.

Enabling Automatic Hook Up of Eclipse-based Sub-Processes

Step 1 - Rename eclipse.exe to eclipse_.exe.

Step 2 - Create a copy of eclipse.ini and rename it to eclipse_.ini.

Step 3 - Download and extract starter-latest.zip .

Step 4 - From the extracted starter-latest.zip copy starter.exe into the folder of eclipse_.exe and rename starter.exe to eclipse.exe.

Step 5 - Copy starter.exe.bat_rcp_subprocess_same_jre into the folder of eclipse_.exe and rename starter.exe.bat_rcp_subprocess_same_jre to eclipse.exe.bat.

(The above instructions assume that the binary that launches the sub-process is called eclipse.exe. Please adjust the instructions according to the actual file name. Likewise for eclipse.ini.)