How to use Java Web Start with Squish

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Important facts about Squish and Web Start:

Configuring a single JRE

The configuration for which JREs can be used by Java applications in general can be found in the Java Control Panel. (The executable is called javacpl.exe on Windows.

It should also be accessible in the Control Panel as "Java". There may be separate entries for 32-bit and 64-bit, for example "Java (32-bit)" and "Java (64-bit)".)

Step #1 - Open the Java control panel:

Step #2 - Click on the Java tab:

Step #3 - Click on View...:

In this example screenshot two JRE installations are configured, at least as the "User" JREs. If multiple JREs are listed here and/or in the "System" tab, and if more than one would be enabled, then it would not be easy to tell with which JRE a Java Web Start application will be executed.

Step #4 - Disable every JRE except for the one you want to use, and then run the SQUISHDIR/bin/squishconfig program again and set the JRE to the single JRE that is left enabled on the machine.