Squish 6.2.0 Known Issues

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Known Issues - Squish 6.2.0 Release

Known Issues and Workarounds

Squish for Java: The expand() function sometimes fails to expand SWT tree items. A mouseClick() call can serve as a workaround.

Squish for Java: HTML elements embedded into JavaFX WebViews cannot be picked in Spy mode. Bugfix available upon request.

Squish for Java: A mouseClick() call on an SWT TreeItem may incorrectly scroll, causing a click outside the tree or a script error about a missing dimension. Bugfix available upon request (any new 6.2 snapshot contains the fix).

Squish for Web: SVG element causes saveObjectSnapshot() error. Bugfix available upon request.

Squish for Web: As of recent Chrome versions (34.0.1847.116) the browser will show a "Disable developer mode extensions" dialog that hinders test execution. Inquire with support about workarounds.

Squish for Web: Support for Microsoft Edge did not make it into this release anymore. But preview snapshots are available upon request.

Squish for Mac: Creation of Visual Verification Points for dialogs sometimes fails. The resulting file will be empty.

Squishrunner: crash when specifying xml3 report generator and squishserver is not reachable

Installation: On some Linux configurations, the installation program may show an error dialog saying "An unexpected error happened while executing: /tmp/licencekeytool location.". To workaround this issue, set the TMPDIR environment variable to a writable location which permits executing programs, e.g. by running

TMPDIR=$HOME ./squish-6.2.0-qt56x-linux64.run

All editions: Item look-ups with an empty item text waitForObjectItem(container, text) fail. Bugfix available upon request.

All editions: The context menu entries of the Test Data editor are permanently disabled. Bugfix available upon request.

Squish for Qt: Some customers are observing a freeze of their application during startup. This is due to a bug in QtWebEngine that get triggered when Squish loads its QtWebEngine extension without the application using the library by itself. A workaround is available upon request. As of Squish 6.3 a safer plugin loading mechanism is used.

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Recommended Update: Squish 6.3 or later